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The Hive platform is soon becoming a gamers’ paradise with many games getting on board. While there are past masters like Splinterlands and multiple newcomers, there is one game that falls dead in between these two extremes. I am talking about Holybread. This is a game I started playing from its early days, and boy, the rewards early on were so much that the original creators had to roll the shutters down. However, the current owners are doing a good job of running the game, and has become the game’s face for the gamers.

There are many reasons to play the game — the quest, the battles, the weapons, shields, headgear, etc., that you can get from the game and buy from the market. ***But the most important thing for players is getting upvotes on their Hive articles by Holybread bot.*** Yeah, I am sure the last point piqued your interest. ***This bot is also powered up with LEO, so you now know that you can earn LEO tokens too.***

Did that get you interested? Then join here:

But not all would like to take the plunge yet. For them, let’s get to know the game some more.

Holybread: Place of Unholy Battles

The only holy parts of the game are the game players and makers; everything else is about battles. Since the first time I played , there has been a lot of improvements. Most wouldn’t have seen the phasing out of the breadcrumbs and bringing in the upvote bot. But those are developments that have taken place in a short span of time. The game is entertaining, and you earn in-house assets ranging from weapons to bread (the base unit of the game). It is all fun and frolic as you rise through the ranks to challenge the past masters.

Players can start a quest every fifteen minutes, which earns them gold coins. There is a limited supply of quests that you can use in a day, and it is about 150 of the energy available for each player. If you want to have a higher reserve, you can buy a premium account that allows you to get 500 reserves of energy. That is cool, and you may never feel like running out of energy throughout the day. There are other benefits like additional hero slots, inventory slots, and of course, 125 pieces of bread. All of these for just $9.99. Not a bad deal.

Other than the quests, there are battles in which you have to move up the ranks. The quests allow you to get stronger to topple the higher-ranked players and move ahead. So, that’s how the battles and quests are linked. The third part is the Item Store, where you can buy items like headgear, chest gear, weapons, and footwear with your gold coins. If you aren’t happy with the item store, you can head to the internal market place to buy each of those above items from other players. You can even trade heroes.

Talking about heroes, there are three types of them — common, epic, and legendary. Needless to say, each type comes with added capabilities like more team health, more gold bonus, more team attack value, and the likes. There is a lot to explore, and you will love it.

If that excites you, then you can join here:

And every single day, you have an opportunity to earn three breads by completing three tasks. The tasks are simple. They include completing five quests, three battles, and buying at least one item from the store. That gives you three breads, and if you do it every day, that makes 90 breads a month. That’s a lot. In fact, it is good enough to buy you a common hero, priced at 50 breads. The epic and legendary heroes are priced at 200 and 1000 breads, respectively.

Wanna know more?

I am on Rank 2 in the Ranking List

Yeah, I have reached my best rank in the game, although it is momentary as people below me can attack me. But as my strength increases, beating me becomes that much more difficult.

I am constantly in battle with , , and others. They whoop my a** most of the time, and I get the better of them sometimes. Here is a message for them.

So, believing we are still friends other than in the Holybread battlefield, let me sign-off this article.

See you all soon.

So, what next?

So, go ahead and join Holybread and have fun playing the game. Here is the link.

See you all in the game! 😊

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**Image Courtesy:** Holybread Resources

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