Many of us have that one thing that we loved when we got started with an aspect of our lives. It could be our new school, a new neighborhood, or a new game. There are few things that make our journey into the “new” easy. And much like everyone else, my journey into Splinterlands was made easy by the Water Elemental.

In the initial days of playing the game and still trying to find my footing, I was disposed off easily game-after-game. I had only heard of the sneak-and-snipe ability or the opportunity ability. I did see battles where the…


Splinterlands does not fail to impress, and it’s unlikely that we will be through with all the characters, abilities, and strategies in the game. Maybe, the enormity of the permutations and combinations is what makes the game that much more fun. I am not sure there would be many who would have grown bored of the game.

That brings us to the topic at hand — a look at one of the cards in the game. Today, we will be discussing the ***Stonesplitter Orc***. The Orc is a melee attacker with an attack value of three. That is quite an…


We are back, discussing a new card and its potential use in a battle. So, the card that we will be taking a closer look at is the Grim Reaper. The first time I got the card, I was quite happy to have such a strong ranged attacker. I overlooked all other stats and couldn’t wait to play the card. It is one of the few cards having a ranged attack value of three right from level 1. What’s more, it even causes affliction on the opponent’s monsters, refusing them the chance to reheal.

Well, the plus points about the…


One of the abilities of the monsters that I am quite enamored with is the Life Leech. This ability makes a rather humble monster formidable by the time it is in the front. While I have witnessed life leech ability with both ranged and magic attackers, I have yet to see it with melee attackers. Maybe, the latter is not available. That said, between the ranged and magic attackers, the magic ones are more lethal and useful. Why, you ask?

The ranged attacker could garner all the life it could, but if it comes to the first position, it can’t…


All you Splinterlands players, today we will look at the Enchanted Defender. Enchanted who, you ask? Well, I wouldn’t blame you for not looking at this interesting monster in the common list way down below the others. You can be forgiven for not using it too, as was the case with me. But for the sake of trying it, I did, and you will be surprised at the outcomes. We will come to that in a moment.

The first time I played Splinterlands, a little over a year ago, the only thing that caught my attention was the armor that…

What’s This Article About?

Well, this article is covering the art contest hosted by Splinterlands. Splinterlands happens to be one of the most engaging games on the Hive blockchain. While the game itself is fun, the team goes above and beyond in creating excitement. Art is one of the fun times on Splinterlands and the Hive blockchain.

And there are many more contests to keep you drooling all through. If you fancy participating in the art contest, you can do so here.

But first, what is Splinterlands all about? Let’s find out before getting on with the art. 😊

— — — — —…


Splinterlands players and newbies alike would know the capabilities that each card possesses as much as the way to use it. While many such abilities work well in different scenarios, one is of particular interest to me. Which one, you ask? I am talking about the Life Leech ability.

In short, the ability is that when a monster with Life Leech attacks the opponent, it gains health. That means, if the monster with the Life Leech is sufficiently at the back of our lineup and it does not face too many attacks, its power becomes formidable by the time it…

Hive Gaming

The Hive platform is soon becoming a gamers’ paradise with many games getting on board. While there are past masters like Splinterlands and multiple newcomers, there is one game that falls dead in between these two extremes. I am talking about Holybread. This is a game I started playing from its early days, and boy, the rewards early on were so much that the original creators had to roll the shutters down. However, the current owners are doing a good job of running the game, and @simplegame has become the game’s face for the gamers.

There are many reasons to…


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*For the uninitiated, Steem, Hive, and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are cryptocurrencies. Steem is the cryptocurrency of Steem blockchain, Hive represents the Hive blockchain, while DEC is the base currency of Splinterlands, a game on the Hive blockchain.*

— — — — — — — — -****** — — — — — — — —

Those authors who are writing since the Steem days would have had the requirement to change and transfer your Steem to Hive or vice-versa. The earlier known method…


It has been a while since I posted on Splinterlands, though I never stopped playing the game. Here I am back to take it up from where I left. The thing that amazes me is the expansion the game is witnessing. Just when I thought that the game is becoming uni-dimensional with its game-plan, Splinterlands surprised me with the land sale and, therefore, a newer dimension to the game. I can’t wait to see that unfolding.

Okay, coming back to the topic at hand. We will be looking at the Sea Monster and its efficacy in a battle. When I…

Oivas Namok

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